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images  Installation note for all decoders with cable or ribbon cable:

All soldering work should always be carried out in a current-free state of the locomotive. Before installing the decoder, there must be no electrical connections between motor connectors and wheel grinders. Circuit boards, components and open cable ends (in the case of sound decoders also the speaker cables) may never touch metal parts of the locomotive chassis or housing. This caused short circuits lead to the destruction of the decoder !!! So avoid "test drives" with loose decoders and open uninsulated cable ends. For decoders with ribbon cable, the red marked wire always coresponds to pin 1 (orange) of the NEM651 socket.

lokumbau  DH10C-1  SD10A-1


The delivery program: 


mileslogo_lok   Sound-Service for Massoth, Zimo, Dietz IS4 / IS6 SUSI Sound modules:

Firmware-Update, Sound loading, Functions- and Sound-Mapping, Update for Massoth devices



Basically all articles in the delivery programs of the listed manufacturers are available. Even those that are currently not created as an orderable item in the WebShop.

Instructions are available for almost all articles and can be downloaded for free of charge from the manufacturer-websites before purchasing.

For sound modules or sound decoders with every available sound from the respective manufacturer! Just ask for it ...


dietz   Dietz Elektronik:

Micro IS4 and IS6 Sound module with SUSI-socket for all loco decoders with SUSI-pin connector and appr. 150 available sounds, Additiv amplifier for sound modules, Reverse loop module digital, Automatic shuttle module analogous


kuehn   Kühn-digital / Kühn-modell (Remaining stocks):

Track system, Locomotives scale TT, Locomotives and wagons scale N

The following link is an example for all other manufacturers and articles on how complaints are handled (only in German):

Kuehn Guarantee returns electronics


ldt   Littfinski Datentechnik: 

Digital components for Märklin motorola and DCC systems ... Magnetic article decoders - Switch decoders - Light signal decoders - Train control module - WatchDog decoder - Track decoder - Turntable decoders - Feedback for the s88 / RS / Roco feedback bus - Digital booster - High speed interface - Train number identification - Sweeping loop module and light control


massoth   Massoth Elektronik:

DiMAX digital system (LGB DCC) with control panel - Booster - Power supply unit - PC module - Radio navigator - Radio receiver - Feedback module - Communication module - Track contact - Locomotive number decoders - Switch decoders - Reverse loader module - IR control system - Brake module - Digital electronics for LGB scale G and Märklin scale I ... eMOTION Loco decoders (NMRA/DCC and LGB MTS compatible) - Sound decoders with Class D amplifier and 6 Channel playback (SUSI/Massoth/Maerklin -bus) - Function decoders - Servo decoders - Accessories like evaporators - Roller tester - Track bending device - Electrical accessories and Decals 

Here you go to the sound data sheets of Massoth


sommerf   Sommerfeldt:

Functional Model train overhead wire for the track widths 0, H0, TT and N in the versions of various European countries - Pantographs for the gauges G, 0, H0, TT and N


lauer   Systeme-Lauer (Mondial):

Model train electronics - Analogous or digital (Märklin-Digital, CONRAD-Digital, DCC, ...) - LBS shadow station control - UBS block track control - PZS shuttle train and KSA sweep loops control - PCC pulse width controller for DC traction and electronic speed controllers for large scale trains - DZB continuous lighting - BLM lighting module


tams   Tams Elektronik:

Loco decoders and Function decoders (DCC, MM and RailCom) - Accessories decoder (DCC, MM and RailCom) - Digital booster - Control modules (loop, shadow station, servo control, ...) - SUSI sound modules - Lighting (Lightcomputer, Hercules, ...) - Functional accessories - Car interior lighting


 zimo   ZIMO Elektronik:

ZIMO Digital system with console (cable or radio) - Decoders for small and wide scales: Loco decoders, Sound decoders with 6 channel playback and Function decoders (DCC, MM u. RailCom) - Switch decoders - Light signal decoders - Servo decoders - Loudspeakers - Digital couplings and Energy storage - Free Windows software to support ZIMO products

Here you go to the sound projects of ZIMO


Shipment is carried out by:

deutsche_post_logo_breit  hermes_paket  dhl_logo_schmal

Shipment is possible to Hermes ParcelShops, also to Postoffices (for DHL packets) and Packstations (from "Grossbrief" on) NOTE: In Germany only !


Shipment tracking:

Deutsche Post  |  Hermes  |  ( DHL ) 


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