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Massoth El. eMOTION XXL II Loco Decoder (10A) Item 8153101 - NEW

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Massoth Elektronik eMOTION XXL II Loco decoder (10A) 1/G scale Item 8153101, Dim.: 50 x 32 x 12mm, powerful 8A driving decoder with 10A maximum load total load and 12 function outputs, up to 24V DC/DCC driving current, bus connector for MASSOTH, SUSI and LGB modules, usable for locomotives with up to four motors, works perfectly with NMRA DCC systems as well as with the LGB® MTS system, internal data processing allows for 256 regulating steps regardless of how the decoder is controlled, a unique auto detection feature copes with the different data processing procedures of LGB® MTS or NMRA DCC systems, supports POM, new function mapping F0-F127, some properties: 14, 28 and 128 speed steps, 10239 addresses, starting speed, medium speed and maximum speed, incl. LGB® P-Sound updates, digital and analog operation with automatic recognition, compatible with NMRA DCC and LGB® MTS (all generations), adjustable motor frequency (70 Hz - 16 kHz), 2 light outputs (front, rear) max. 0.5A each, 6 function outputs max. 0.5A each, 4 unamplified 10mA, 2 servo connectors, function outputs light and function outputs may be dimmed and activated in analog mode, all function outputs freely addressable F1 to F28, SUSI-connector, switching speed, connector for power buffer (accessory) for smooth running integrated, Overload and temperature protection for motor and function outputs


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